Christina Bronson

Christina is our coach for Radical Forgiveness, sound healing, EFT and more.

Christina Bronson

Christina, a native of Austria, Salzburg, has lived in the USA/SW Florida since 1994; speaks fluent English and German; a Personal and Spiritual Self-Development Coach and Teacher, with over 35-years of advanced training in the field of Consciousness Development and Healing.

In the USA, she is a trained Health Coach with Hilton Johnson Prod., 2008 to 2009, Consulting Hypnotist with the NGH, 2003, Emotional Freedom Practitioner with Gary Craig, 2003, Sound Healer with Jonathan Goldman, 2003, and more; since 1984, intensive studies and practice in Christian and Eastern Mysticism and Philosophy; Mother, Humanist, and classically trained Soprano.

Christine’s unique expertise makes her a daring, caring, non-judgmental thought-after coach, guide and mentor. Her intuitive gift, pragmatic, practical knowledge, and enlightening wisdom, seeing life holistically, body-mind-spirit, combined with her empowering intentional energy, is allowing her clients and students to change and evolve fast in any desired situation.

Since childhood, Christine’s passion is to inspire others in a “New Conversation”, to make conscious what was unconscious, resulting in self-control, peace and happiness.

It is her mission to contribute to the awakening of a new style of personal and corporate leadership that leads to the type of social community to which humanity actually globally must evolve to on our planet, in order to create lasting peace and harmony, and for restoring a balanced economy and environment on our planet.