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Coronary Heart Disease and Smoking

By |August 15th, 2011|

Smoking and Coronary Heart Disease.

By now most people have been informed that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health.  To further demonstrate this; a new study recently published in Lancet shows that smoking cigarettes may be even more dangerous for women than for men.

Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.  When […]

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Your Heart Beats for You:

By |July 29th, 2011|

Join Lotus the puppet as she finds our just what’s on Mrs. Heart’s mind. If you have a heart, you’ll want to tune in.

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The Dirty Dozen

By |July 15th, 2011|

The Dirty Dozen

(updated July 1, 2011, special thanks to Dawn St. John and Southwest Florida Naturally for printing this info. View the whole article here.)


The Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit organization that updates its “Dirty Dozen” food list each year for grocery shoppers.


The list, which is compiled based on evidence of […]

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Freedom Isn’t Free

By |July 6th, 2011|

Freedom Isn’t Free
By: Fort Myers Acupuncturist Dr. David Martin



My father served  in the armed forces during WWII and Korea.  He paid a dear price. While he survived the war itself, he had injuries that had a profound effect on his life.   This is one of the reasons we offer discounts to […]

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Are You Killing Yourself One Bite At A Time?

By |July 1st, 2011|

Are You Killing Yourself One Bite At A Time?
By, Dr. David Martin, Fort Myers Acupuncturist 

Do you eat “diet” foods, bars or drink commercial shakes?

Do you experience stress, headaches, or body aches?

Do you consume: packaged foods, products containing white sugar, white flour or eat fast food?

If you answered “yes” to any of these […]

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Want to Save Some Major Money and Breathe Better Air?

By |June 15th, 2011|

Want to Save Some Major Money  and Breathe Better Air?

Dr. Martin and Acupuncture Physicians like him, stress how important fresh, clean air is to everyone.  You can go for days without food, but just minutes without clean air, so why not make it a priority to raise the air quality in your home or […]

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Eating Organic food

By |June 9th, 2011|

Why spend the extra money on Organic?
I often have patients say that they just don’t have the money to buy organically grown food.  I can sympathize because I shop at the same places they do.

I have added a link to this article because it does help prove the point that food that is raised […]

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Exercise helps reduce Strokes

By |June 9th, 2011|

Decrease your Risk of Stroke

Over and over again the information keeps surfacing that exercise is good for your health. Here is another recent study that demonstrates that moderate exercise reduces strokes.  In this case we are discussing the small unnoticed strokes that can diminish mental acuity. At my acupuncture clinic and holistic healing center […]

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Prostate Drugs and Cancer

By |June 9th, 2011|

Prostate and hair growth drugs raise the Risk of Prostate Cancer.

A recent article in Reuters discussed several drugs that can increase your risk of Prostate cancer.  This group of Drugs include Proscar, Avodar, Jalyn, and Propecia.  I thought it would be useful to blog about this and provide a link to the article.  These […]

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Risks with Statin Drugs

By |June 9th, 2011|

The Following is an article that everyone on a Statin drug should read. Please check it out. Of course the article only warns of high doses because that is where the highly visible effects are. It makes you wonder if the lower doses are doing the same thing only in less visible ways.

FDA Warns […]

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