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Deb Martin

Since 2011, Deb Martin has been using medicinal foods to help people heal and achieve radiant health.  Her personal food healing journey has included regrowing her bones with smoothies, gum regrowth… and relief of her 30-year neck pain (from a whiplash) using medicinal-grade chocolate, retirement of her reading glasses due to a food-based supplement called XoVitality, and much more.

Deb is also a Reiki Master, and is keenly aware of the energy of food. She understands that all foods and people are not a match. She delights in finding the right foods and healing protocols to work with people’s health conditions, tastes and lifestyles. And she especially enjoys taking people food shopping, at places like CostCo and Earth Origins, to open them up to the possibilities of all the easy, tasty, HEALTHY and AFFORDABLE ways to eat our foods with the consciousness that they are medicine.

Last, but not least, Deb is an ex-Corporate trainer and teacher with a passion for helping people.  She is the instructional designer for many of our food classes, and she now shares that role with Vickie Gelardi here at Lotus Blossom Clinic.

Vickie Gelardi

Vickie Gelardi has been helping people heal using food for nearly 40 years. In the late 1970’s she founded the Feingold Association of New York and testified before Congress about the health effects of the compounds containing artificial coloring & preservatives in foods.

Her primary focus has been with children on the autism spectrum, including children with learning challenges. From there she has expanded her interests and today works with individuals with various diseases, such as inflammatory conditions, diabetes, cardio issues, MS, auto-immune diseases, etc.

In 2014 she received her Certification in the Jeff Primack “Conquering Any Disease” program, thus expanding her work in the medicinal food healing field.


Gaia’s Food Farmacy’s medicinal food consultants are passionate about the power of food.  We educate our Community about the medicinal uses of foods, targeting specific health goals with primarily plant-based diets.  We delight in creating food plans for each person using ancient medicinal plant knowledge backed by modern science.  Working together with our clients, we target the best plan for each person’s likes & lifestyle… using nature’s powerful phytochemicals to improve the quality of their lives.

Visit our Events page to see the class schedule.  Contact the clinic for further information about food consultations.  (239) 277-1399.

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