Holistic-Natural Medicine – Alternative Medicine

We use the term Holistic -Natural Medicine because great health depends on what everything involved in your life.

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In Natural Chinese Medicine we start with:

The air you breathe.
The water you drink.
The food you eat
The thoughts you think.

Then we follow up with treatments such as acupuncture, massage, energy healing or supplements. We have a screening process that we use to gather information about you that we use to create the foundation for your treatment.

Of course if you know what you want because it has worked for you in the past you can just schedule an appointment by calling or using the schedule button. It is not required that you do a full evaluation to receive treatment.

Natural Medicine – Alternative Medicine

We prefer the term “Natural Medicine” over “Alternative Medicine” because we believe that this medicine is not the alternative. We believe “Natural Medicine” is the main medicine. Natural Medicine is everyone’s first choice in medicine which may sound strange. If you think about it; we all go through some amount of self diagnosis before we go to the doctor or hospital we decide if it is something we can handle ourselves or if we need Western Medicine to address the problem. At the Lotus Blossom Clinic we always support people using Western Medicine. Western Medicine can work like magic on so many conditions, however many of our patients come because Western Medicine has not worked on their issue, and we have helped them.

Our patients want:

  • Drug free holistic health programs.
  • Results that last.
  • They want to feel supported during the healing process.
  • They want us to respect their time and honestly listen to them.

We collaborate as a team, to combine research and clinical expertise to offer you effective, individual natural health solutions and a standard of care you can trust.

Free Health Exam and assessment

To gather the information we need we use the paperwork you fill out when you come into the clinic and combined with information produced as a result of the examination. When we have gathered the information we meet as a team to decide how we can best help you. During that meeting we discuss your case and come up with a plan to address your situation.

Often people come in because they are in acute pain and they want help right now to diminish the pain; and we can help with that, However, the root cause of the pain may stem from a variety of sources such as allergies, lifestyle, or even toxic environment. We can help with all of these using Natural – Alternative medicine.