Dr. David Martin, Practice Administrator

David Martin, is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician with more than 20 years experience in this medicine. He is board certified and licensed in both Florida and Colorado.

The call to medicine came early in childhood for Dr. Martin, who cherishes his Native American Roots. However, western medicine did not appeal to him so he got dual degrees in mathematics and electronics engineering.  He worked for over 20-years in corporate America at the very top of his field. Dr. Martin then decided to pursue his passion and return to school for Traditional Asian Medicine and Acupuncture.

Dr. Martin believes that health is within each of us and that sometimes we become blocked or travel down a path which creates what we in the West call “dis-ease”. Dr. David uses effective—and often unique–combinations of healing modalities to assist people back to health. His practice draws from both ancient and modern practices such as acupuncture, acupressure, herbal and homeopathic remedies, therapeutic massage, energy medicine, functional medicine, and using food as medicine.

Deb Martin is the Business Manager, She is also A Reiki Master and certified in the food healing program “Conquering Any Disease” Deb teaches food healing classes at the clinic and she consults with clients to educate them and help them to make better food and life choices.

Deb’s life is a life of service. She focuses on creating and maintaining business infrastructures which support and empower people. She is actively involved in healthcare education and marketing for Lotus Blossom Clinic. and her favorite multi-faceted, healing Herb “Healthy Chocolate”.   She is certified in Conquering Any Disease, a science-based food healing system,

Deb’s vision is that in the not-so-distant future, most Americans’ first choice for their non-urgent health care needs, including all chronic conditions  plus maintaining Wellness and Healthy Longevity, will be to use Natural Medicines such as Chinese Medicine, spiritual and creative practices, combined with wholesome Foods and supportive Herbs.  Deb says:  “There are so many amazing foods, and they can be used for healing staying well.  This is Power to the People!”  Check our Calendar for upcoming classes.

Vickie G flat
Vickie Gelardi has been helping people heal using food for nearly 40 years. In the late 1970’s she founded the Feingold Association of New York and testified before Congress about the health effects of the compounds containing artificial coloring & preservatives in foods. Her primary focus has been with children on the autism spectrum, including children with learning challenges. From there she has expanded her interests and today works with individuals with various diseases, such as inflammatory conditions, diabetes, cardio issues, MS, auto-immune diseases, etc. In 2014 she received her Certification in the Jeff Primack “Conquering Any Disease” program, thus expanding her work in the medicinal food healing field.

For over 30 years Larry Witzleben has been in this work. Larry specializes in Orthopedic Massage and Polarity Therapy, blending the two into what Larry trademarked as Neuro-Energy Balance, aka the Whole Nervous System Reset. This gives you deeper, longer lasting relief from tightness and pain and is Larry’s signature treatment for only $45.

It will change your life. “I can tell you stories!” – Larry

Contact him at 407.595.4035 – call or text – or visit www.LarryWitzleben.com.

MA14390  –  MM32751


Jenny picture

Jenny Hong joined Lotus Blossom Clinic in 2015, bringing her love of people and healing talent as one of our Health Care Providers.   She is a Reiki Master and an accomplished Sound Healing Practitioner, providing twice-monthly Crystal Bowl Meditation Concerts.  Look for her Events on our EVENTS CALENDAR, and she is available for Private Reiki sessions.

When she was young, Jenny was gifted with a Medical Encyclopedia which fed and fascinated her curious young mind, subsequently  fueling her gravitation to the field of Healing.   She has worked in both Western and Eastern medical environments.

At a Fair in Naples  Jenny experienced Reiki and felt Energy on a new level.  She began to study Energy Medicine in earnest, beginning with her first Reiki Attunement in 2014.  She received her Master Reiki Attunement in London in the summer of 2015 with Maria Zhuravleva.

With the arrival of the John of God Crystal Light Therapy Bed at Lotus Blossom Clinic in June of 2016, Jenny received training from Melissa LeBlanc of Spirit Works Healing Arts Studio as a Facilitator for the Bed, (along with several others on staff).



Lauren has been a licensed massage therapist since she was 18. Trigger point therapy and myofascial release are her specialties. Her clientèle base ranges from the young and healthy to those with dementia to professional athletes to everyday golfers, tennis players and Mahjong players. Those with chronic pain, newly injured, looking to prevent injury and those looking for relaxation and relief from life are all encouraged to try out Lauren’s technique – specialized for you every session.

“Set up your relaxing, therapeutic, healing session today by calling Lauren at: 206.660.9469.”


Debbie Thompson, Owner of Skin Radiance Facials has 16 years of experience in the spa industry specializing in Anti-Aging skin care. Her pursuit of natural health education lead her to her ongoing studies in Esthetics.  Debbie is continually inspired  by the interesting people she meets and how rewarding if feels to connect with a client while helping them to achieve the Beauty and Wellness they seek.