Melissa LeBlancMelissa LeBlanc is Owner of Spirit Works Healing Arts Studio, Keeper and Guardian of The John of God crystal healing bed as well as Curator of Dreaming Bear Retreat Lodge, Center for Addition Alchemy and the recovery medicine Wheel training and certifications, located in the Great Smokies of North Carolina.

Melissa comes to us with over 20 years of accumulative studies in Eidetic Imagery, Shamanism, EFT, Kinesiology, Neuro kinesiology, Chakra balancing, and Life Coaching.   She is certified as a Reiki Master, and has worked extensively in the mystery teachings of the Addiction Alchemy Recovery Medicine Wheel.

Melissa says, ” The foundation of my work is based on ‘holding sacred space’ for recovery of the individual, while supporting their healing with an integration of the above modalities.  I will to will thy will and so it is and so it shall be for the highest good of all,” Namaste.

For private sessions with Melissa or to book a retreat at Dreaming Bear Lodge, please call 239-777-0680.