For MS:

  • 2 Shakes/day to rebuild muscles. The whey protein isolate is positively charged to remove allergens and fats from the milk protein.  Builds 30% more lean muscle mass.
  • Xobiotic to kill yeast (6 X day….could even double to 12X for a short period)
  • Raw food diet
  • Take any added minerals needed WITH the chocolate to increase absorbency by as much as 40%



  • No white sugar!
  • Xobiotic (food allergies can cause epilepsy)
  • Use Omegas too


Kidney Stones:

  • Dehydration is often involved
  • Raw cacao has magnesium which binds with the calcium in the kidney and creates a different, less harmful type of calcium. It’s then chemically different than the calcium which creates kidney stones.