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Crystals have some of the highest molecular orderliness found in nature.  The crystals for the Crystal Bed were mined in a small town in Brazil where gold and precious stones, quartz crystals, and amethyst lie beneath the surface of most of that area resulting in a profound energy emanating from the land. This is where thousands of people from many countries journey every month to see Joao Teixeira de Faira (John of God), a medium and healer.  The crystals in the John of God Bed were extracted, personally selected and guaranteed by him. Each of the seven crystals came from a single stone and was carefully polished to exacting standards.

Utilizing the technology of Vogel crystals as researched and cut/designed by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel, the John of God crystal bed is designed to perform Chakra balancing and Energy Healing/Expansion… potentially on the physical as well as the spiritual and emotional realms.  One explanation for the opportunity for healing through the crystal bed therapy is that the well-organized vibration resonating from the crystals helps to re-organize the water in the tissues and cells of the body, allowing the body’s own innate powers of healing to begin. Call (239)277-1399 to schedule.

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We have recently added the John of God bed to our practice.  It consists of a regular massage table set up under a special set of 7 crystals which are cut in a very precise way developed by Marcel Vogel (look him up on Wikipedia).  These crystals are designed to focus energy, and they are aimed at the clients 7 Chakras.  Each crystal has a different color light specific to each Chakra.  You can look up Chakras here.  

Sessions last 25 or 45 minutes.


Some clients have experienced healing.

Frequent experiences include

  • Extreme peacefullness;
  • Feeling rejuvinated;
  • Clarity of Purpose;
  • Well Rested

The John of God Bed  experience combines Light, Sound, and Crystal healing therapies.