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When I went to see David Martin A.P. I was in a lot of back pain. I could not walk right or climb a flight of stairs. I had been to my chiropractor many times and had different treatments done that resulted in no relief. I was introduced to David Martin through a work associate. She and her husband had great results with his acupuncture. I decided to try the acupuncture myself since nothing else was giving me relief. After one treatment my back pain was gone and now I can walk and climb a flight of stairs with no pain. I would recommend this treatment and David Martin A.P. for anyone that has pain.

Brenda B.”

”Today was my first treatment with Dr. Martin. Not only did he take the time to go over what my concerns were and make recommendations, he was also very gentle and explained every part of the process.

Skeptical going in….absolutely sold on the process and its benefits after 1 treatment.Looking forward to the next step in the healing process.

Thank you Dr. Martin!

Glynis D

Natural, Alternative Medicine

We use the term Holistic because great health depends on what everything involved in your life.

We start with:

  • The air you breathe.
  • The water you drink.
  • The food you eat.
  • The thoughts you think.

Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture

Acupuncture is ancient medicine with roots in Asia. It has been studied and perfected over thousands of years. Our Acupuncturist, Dr. David Martín, has 21 years of experience practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is especially effective in relieving pain such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, Bell”s Palsy, Fertility issues. etc.. Essentially if you are experiencing any kind of pain or stress, you should consider acupuncture as a solution.


We use acupressure with patients quite frequently, as an adjunct to acupuncture treatment. Sometimes we use it without the acupuncture (for patients that have a fear of needles), but most often we do it in combination with acupuncture to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Acupressure is the same as acupuncture but without the needles. It can be very effective especially on young people. Their bodies are so full of energy that it does not take much stimulation to get results.


Cupping has been around for centuries. It was recently made famous by the Olympic swimmers, such as Michael Phelps, who use it. The round marks showed on their skin on television, although not all cupping techniques produce that round mark. Cupping is a great way to diminish pain and to help heal from disease. Cupping can leave a mark from the cup so you should be aware of that. Also we do not do wet cupping; so if you happen to Google cupping, you will see pictures that can be disturbing. However, remember that these few pictures are not representative of what we do.

Tui Na

Tui Na (twee naw) is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy often used in conjunction with acupuncture. It is a hands-on body treatment used to bring the body into balance. The practitioner may brush, knead, roll, press, and rub the areas and the joints. Techniques may be gentle or quite firm. The name comes from two of the actions: tui means “to push” and na means “to lift and squeeze.” Other strokes include shaking and tapping. The practitioner may also use range of motion and traction, with the stimulation of acupressure points. These techniques aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Tui Na is especially suitable for use on the elderly population and on infants.


At this clinic we offer a variety of different types of massage so whatever you are looking for we probably offer that, or something equally effective. We have both male and female therapists, all of whom are well trained and licensed in Florida. Their credentials are all available for review. We are licensed Massage Establishment #MM32751; we are inspected and meet the Florida State requirements. All the work done here is strictly therapeutic and healing in nature. Massage has a long history of being effective for relieving pain, stress, anxiety, grief …and just making you feel better. We have excellent well trained therapists.

Energy Healing


Reiki is gaining in popularity as a healing modality. We currently have two Reiki Masters on staff and soon we expect to have a third. Reiki is energy medicine so the practitioner does not need to physically touch you during treatment. The Reiki Master works with your energy field and chakras to balance and enhance your energy.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy works at the level of your body’s subtle, vital energy. Just as your nervous system underwrites the health and effectiveness of every other system in your body, so does your energy system, the “energy field” chakra system, underwrite the heath of your nervous system.

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a system of self-healing, based on the Chinese Meridians. It works by acknowledging conditions and affirming change while tapping on specific meridian points. We offer weekly classes and individual sessions.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a divine meditation-based process which offers physical, psychological (cognitive and emotional), and spiritual healing through a unique type of focused intention that can be thought of as a form of manifestation through prayer.

Medicinal Healing Food

As a holistic wellness center, we see people all the time who have chronic diseases which can be diminished or reversed through different food choices and lifestyles. Chinese Medicine addresses these issues. We do not have a one-size fits all program, because we find that each individual is unique and requires a unique solution. In the modern world, Science has now proven why foods work to create–and help reverse–diseases. As one example, if you ever wondered WHY ginger is a huge anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting food, we now know the underlying details of ginger’s phyto-chemicals which create its effects in the human body, a food used medicinally for thousands of years in Asia. Confused about all the diets and fads out there? We can help.