The Many Faces of Anxiety

    By Dr. David Martin To experience anxiety is to be human. When it becomes chronic, however, it gets in the way of the [...]

Coming Out of Hiding: Is It Safe?

  Are you ready to Come Out of Hiding? As we make this determination for ourselves, and leaders in our governments and businesses make this [...]


The new Coronavirus (dubbed “COVID-19” or “nCoV-2019”) is likely the hottest topic of discussion around the world today. What I’m not hearing or seeing in [...]

What’s Needed to Reverse Brain Injury?

There are some amazing things that can happen in natural medicine, read more here. Discover some of the obstacles to acquiring our best health care. It is important to understand the rationale before you can form a better plan.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness and MBSR: A Personal Journey Contributing Author: Anne Louise Kracmer, LCSW & Qualified MBSR Teacher   CREATING PEACE AND HARMONY…INSIDE NEW AT THE CLINIC [...]


CANCER is on target to be the number one killer of Americans in 2020. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) predicts that, by 2020, cancer [...]

Yoga and You

Yoga and You   Our Featured Author this month is Kandy Love, PhD, CIYT, LMT #9704.  She is first and foremost a kind, gifted and [...]

What is Free in Freedom?

What is Free in Freedom? NOW SERVING VETERANS FOR FREE! GREAT NEWS FOR VETERANS (Who do you know?) Dr. David Martin, [...]

Are Your Gifts Hiding In Plain Sight?

  Anacapra, Italy   Photo used by permission of Al and Patti Palumbo “In your freedom, in your joy that echoes through the universe with unbridled, [...]