businesscard - Deb Martin 6-9-17 flat websiteHer Story: Deb was born and reared in Denver, Colorado and brings with her a sincere appreciation of nature and healthy living. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and has owned and still operates several businesses in real estate, and health care in Florida and Colorado.   She moved to Cape Coral, Florida with her husband, Dr. David, in the winter of 2007, escaping one of the worst winters on record in Colorado. She adores walking her two dogs (with Dr. David) each morning here in Florida, where it’s ‘always’ good weather!

Her Philosophy: Deb’s life is a life of service. She focuses on creating and maintaining business infrastructures which support and empower people. She is actively involved in healthcare education and marketing for Lotus Blossom Clinic and her favorite multi-faceted, healing Herb “Healthy Chocolate”.   She is certified in Conquering Any Disease, a science-based food healing system, and is the creator of a Food Healing workshop series available at the clinic…and on the road in Colorado.  She will co-partner with larger outreach infrastructures to provide these Food-Healing, Empowering workshops.

Deb is also a Reiki Master and proponent of all things “mind” as this relates to the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. She acknowledges that honoring our spiritual nature is key to our health, and she also believes in using meditation, hypnosis therapy and vision boards, creating art, etc. as tools to open the power of our creative minds to help us be happy and in balance…and heal.

Her Hobbies: Hiking (especially in Colorado).  Recreational dancing. She’s an AVID fan of the show “So You Think You Can Dance!”  She also thoroughly enjoys watching TED Talks with Dr. David and afterwards engaging with him in lively discussions.  She loves all things FOOD and HEALING related…a never-ending curiousity and life mission.

Her Hope: Deb’s passion and mission is to help change the landscape of healthcare. Her vision is that in the not-so-distant future, most Americans’ first choice for their non-urgent health care needs, including all chronic conditions  plus maintaining Wellness and Healthy Longevity, will be to use Natural Medicines such as Chinese Medicine, spiritual and creative practices, combined with wholesome Foods and supportive Herbs.  Deb says:  “There are so many amazing foods, including the multifaceted healing properties of unprocessed, concentrated Cacao, the detoxing power of asparagus, and the anti-bacterial/anti-viral properties of raw coconut oil.  And so much more!  This is Power to the People!”  Check our Calendar for upcoming classes.