Larry Witzleben


Larry Witzleben, Certified Polarity Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, is a practitioner of  Neuro-Energy Balance TM — a blend of Orthopedic Massage and Polarity Therapy, an energy therapy — and his signature energy program, “Drive-Thru-Stress-Relief! TM”.

With a degree in economics, Larry was enjoying a career in aerospace. On what would be his final aerospace assignment in Montreal, he was introduced to Polarity Therapy, an energy therapy, began training there, and never looked back.


Returning to Orlando, Larry became a Licensed Massage Therapist as required by Florida law, then over the next 20+ years built a practice which included Florida Hospital, the Winter Park Recovery Center, and the pioneering Getting Well Program.  Larry deepened his skills in Polarity Therapy with teachers around the country, then added Orthopedic Massage to his work.  Combining the two, he has created a singularly unique work – Neuro-Energy Balance™.


Polarity Therapy is a profoundly deep hands-on therapy of gentle manipulation, light stimulation and rocking, holding of pressure points, and connecting points and areas of the body to access and influence the energy deep within you.  We break up where the energy is blocked so that it can move freely again, and health can naturally arise. This is what brings your nervous system to quiet, to its natural, parasympathetic balance and a relaxation uncommonly deep. When your body is in parasympathetic mode – and out of fight-or-flight – your heart slows down, blood pressure drops, breathing is deeper, digestion is better, your adrenal glands and your whole endocrine system is calmer and not pumping out stress hormones, and your immune system is stronger. You’re calm – a vital calm – you’re centered and simply more effective.


Orthopedic Massage uses targeted strokes which work the muscles in their layered, sequential relationships with one another in how stress turns into tension and then widens into chronic tightness and pain.  It is a very intentional work, and gives you a quicker, deeper, more thorough and longer-lasting result. Plus it feels so good! The massage uses light isometric stretches – so relaxing that people fall asleep in mid-isometric! –  and myofascial technique. We engage your muscles’ innate desire to let go. Orthopedic Massage reaches far deeper into the muscles than traditional “deep massage” can reach … without being painful in its pressure. Your body opens naturally, your muscles let go.


Polarity Therapy and Orthopedic Massage are life-changing, each on its own.  In synergy, they impart a quality of whole-body health greater than either alone can provide. Neuro-Energy Balance™ restores you to the vibrant health you were  born to enjoy!


Larry is a member of the American Polarity Therapy Association and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. Contact him at (239) 277-1399, at, or through his website