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Going Mainstream: Integrative Care for Breast (and other) Cancers

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You likely already know that including holistic and natural medicine in most, if not all, medical treatment plans is a wise idea.  In this article, we take a quick dive into the world of integrative treatments for breast cancer. The implications of all the research and clinical experience indicates the efficacy of integrative treatments for many, if not all, cancers.


But the big news here is that movement toward institutionalizing currently-termed “alternative” treatments is being–in essence–blessed and starting to move into mainstream medicine.  It’s called Integrative Medicine, and there are several early […]

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Tuina — Chinese Body Work

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Tuina and Chinese Body Work

Chinese Body work has been developed over thousands of years with countless healers dedicating their skill and energy to develop the techniques and philosophy that has gone into Tuina today.

During the Qin Dynasty in the third century BC Body work was known as Moshou (Hand Rubbing)

During the Han Dynasty 206 BC to 220 BC it was known as Anmo ( press and rub)

During the Ming Dynasty 1368 to 1644 AD the term Tuina (push and hold) evolved.

Tuina is one of the basic skills of Chinese medicine. It is often used in combination with Acupuncture or […]

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