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Cancer Prevention Series #1

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Article #1 in a 3-part series

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A recent article by the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida states that Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the leading killer in America.  This is quite plausible when you see the CDC’s numbers for 2016:  Cardiovascular disease took 635,260 lives and cancer accounted for 598,038 lives.  Among the myriad of theories and methods for using natural and holistic medicine to […]

CANCER: What Causes the DNA Damage in the First Place?

By |February 5th, 2015|Cancer|

mad cell

Part 2 of 3 in our series on Cancer, 2015


What is the current science showing about the causes of cancer?  Cigarettes are well-known carcinogens, and there are other fairly well-known “causes” of cancer, so no need to cover those here.  In this article we’ll name and explore three other causes which are either quite new or not as well understood:


#1:   LACK OF AIR/OXYGEN.  This is NEW science.  This condition creates anaerobic stem-like cells which cannot function properly. This occurs due to toxicity in our bodies.  These cells […]

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Decrease your Risk of Stroke

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Decrease your Risk of Stroke

Over and over again the information keeps surfacing that exercise is good for your health. Here is another recent study that demonstrates that moderate exercise reduces strokes.  In this case we are discussing the small unnoticed strokes that can diminish mental acuity. At my acupuncture clinic and holistic healing center we often recommend exercise to our patients to help them maintain a healthy balance.  We use treatments such as acupuncture, herbs, hypnosis, diet, exercise, and positive thought to help patients obtain and maintain a healthy balance.  Please follow this link to read more about […]

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