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10+ Foods, Herbs, and B12 to Boost Your Energy and Mood

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Boost energy and mood

It’s 3:00 p.m.  Are you tired or having trouble focusing?  In this article are some new ideas about easy ways to use Natural Medicine to help you.  It’s using your intelligence and Food as Medicine.  Oh, and lest I forget while I have your attention right now:  Acupuncture helps energy and brain function too!  Yes, acupuncture can INCREASE your energy just as well as CALM it.


ATTENTION:  If you or someone you know has Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimers, Parkinsons’, other Neurological Conditions, Depression, Autism, Severe Allergies, Cancer, Heart Diseases, is […]

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Say “Goodbye” to the MERCURY IN YOUR MOUTH

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Dr. David’s wife, Deb Martin reporting here.  In August, 2015, with some trepidation, I walked into McGinty Dental Group’s practice to have my old mercury fillings removed.   I had real concern about breathing in toxic particles as the mercury was drilled out.   But I already knew that this office was TOPS at safely […]

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Misleading Food Advertising

By |September 24th, 2014|Allergies & Autoimmune, Food as Medicine|

Just last week a law suit was filed against General Mills in a California district court. The complaint is that the snacks are being marketed as healthy when they are filled with trans fats and sugar. I don’t know how this case will turn out, so many of these things balance on who involved has the most financial resources and skills.

The point of this article is that a lot of advertising is very misleading. I am completely convinced that just about all processed snacks; even the ones billed as healthy, have more sugar than is good for you. Further, […]

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