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CBD CURES & RUMORS: What you don’t know about CBD could save you!

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CBD “CURES & RUMORS” is an ongoing health series about the comprehensive cannabis plant.

BIG NEWS: On December 21, 2018 CBD finally became Legal–at the Federal Level–in the United States. With this recent legalization, CBD–a non-psychotropic compound found in the Cannabis Plant (aka “marijuana”) —is set to make an even bigger splash into Holistic and Natural Medicine usage. It will also continue marching into leading-edge, mainstream medical practices. This is the first article […]

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PART TWO:  The Dark Side of Brain Oils (and some Happy Ones)

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Do you know what really killed Robin Williams back in 2014?  Williams’ autopsy included an analysis of his brain, and what they discovered was tragic.   He had Lewey Body Dementia.   This disease is similar to Alzheimer’s but with other outward characteristics more like Parkinsons such as muscle twitches.  At night, his muscles were fully activated (and working) even during dream time.  Sleep disturbances are common with this disease.  Many brain processes were not working well in this man, which helps to understand why he had his own bedroom, separate […]

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Herbs to your Rescue

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Plants, science, herbalism and us

I recently saw a FASCINATING, full-length documentary on herbalism, which prompted this article and a few to follow. I highly recommend the video!

At least 80% of the people on our planet use herbal medicine as their primary medicine. This includes China, Central and South America, and most less-industrialized nations. Many of us here in America have no idea how integrated certain natural medicines are in other cultures. The Italians know about and commonly still use basil for lowering blood sugar levels, as an antispasmodic, and […]

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