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Cancer Prevention Series, #2

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Article #2 in a 3-part series

Read Article #1:  Promoting & Honoring Nature’s Rhythms



Managing stress is key to cancer prevention.  As the title of this article suggests, the best way to deal with cancer is not to get cancer in the first place.  As with many things, avoiding the problem is easier than dealing with it.  I think of it like safe driving.  If you are a safe driver, you will be less likely to get into a crash. It does not mean that you will not […]

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Mission Impossible part 3: Energy Healing Medicine

By |December 7th, 2017|Anxiety/Stress, Food as Medicine, Reiki & Other Energy Medicine|

What Is Energy Healing (Medicine)?

Energy healing is in the realm beyond what we can “see” these are forces which affect us on the physical level every bit as much as the medicines we use. Power for change is clearly available in immune-boosting foods such as medicinal mushrooms, detoxing probiotic foods, and pain relieving massage and acupuncture. If you think about it, though, the actual healing takes place inside, at the level beyond what our eyes can see and our hands can touch.

How Effective is Energy Healing?

As with anything, some things […]

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