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The Many Faces of Anxiety

By |June 30th, 2020|Aging Gracefully, Anxiety/Stress, Chinese Medicine, Food as Medicine, Reiki & Other Energy Medicine, Uncategorized|



By Dr. David Martin

To experience anxiety is to be human. When it becomes chronic, however, it gets in the way of the rest of our humanness. For some people, it is more than an inconvenience and it affects their lives and health negatively on many levels. We have seen people who are terrified to leave their home, others have panic attacks or depression. These are natural instincts gone awry. And I see a LOT of it. In fact, stress/anxiety is the 2nd most common reason people come to see me.

In Traditional […]

Going Mainstream: Integrative Care for Breast (and other) Cancers

By |July 31st, 2018|acupuncture, Anxiety/Stress, Cancer, Chinese Medicine, Food as Medicine, Pain, Reiki & Other Energy Medicine|

You likely already know that including holistic and natural medicine in most, if not all, medical treatment plans is a wise idea.  In this article, we take a quick dive into the world of integrative treatments for breast cancer. The implications of all the research and clinical experience indicates the efficacy of integrative treatments for many, if not all, cancers.


But the big news here is that movement toward institutionalizing currently-termed “alternative” treatments is being–in essence–blessed and starting to move into mainstream medicine.  It’s called Integrative Medicine, and there are several early […]

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