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Yoga and You

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Yoga and You


Our Featured Author this month is Kandy Love, PhD, CIYT, LMT #9704.  She is first and foremost a kind, gifted and astute healer.  She is a yoga therapist and teacher-of-teachers, also practicing massage, energy healing and other methods of holistic healing. Many of you might know Kandy from the business she founded in the 1990’s called Health and Harmony.  It was the first–and highly successful–Holistic Wellness Center in SW Florida.  Kandy brings a wealth of knowledge and healing practices to us personally, as well as to our patients and clients at Lotus Blossom Clinic.  We are grateful […]

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Yin – Yang — Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

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Yin and Yang

Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine

Almost every Traditional Chinese Medicine text starts out with a discussion of Yin and Yang. At its origin the Yin and Yang symbol represents the idea that everything has an opposite and everything is meant to be in balance. In order to have light you must also have darkness. The symbol used to describe Yin and Yang shows them opposing each other but at the same time with Yin there is Yang and within Yang there is Yin. It also shows that Yin and Yang […]

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